Navigating The New Normal

A Virtual Event For Marketing Leaders

When each passing day takes you further into uncharted territory, how do you decide on your next move? 
  April 2, 2020 • 10:00-11:30 AM PST

Start by recognizing you're not alone.

This virtual event will bring marketing leaders together virtually to tackle today’s most pressing challenges. In these times of self-isolation, it’s an opportunity for connection and community building. In the face of confusion and uncertainty, we aim to offer clarity, guidance and support.

This is a free virtual event.

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You Decide On The Focus

The challenges of this moment can take many forms. For example:
Making difficult decisions.

Managing a team that’s suddenly working remotely.

Leading and adapting as conditions change—then change again.

Doing more with less resources.

Narrowing your focus to the most urgent priorities.

Managing your own anxiety while leading your team through uncertainty.

Demonstrating brand purpose.
To make sure we’re focusing on what matters most to you, we’ll survey attendees ahead of time to understand your most pressing issues. Then we’ll use what we’ve learned to tailor our content to you.

Peer Support

For the first half of the event our team will offer advice on your biggest issues. Then we’ll open the floor and moderate a peer support session, inviting the group to share their own experiences and support their peers with advice based on experience.

About Modern Craft

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