Helping a tax automation disruptor connect to their customers.

The Challenge

Seattle-based Avalara—leaders in cloud-based tax automation for businesses of all sizes—was at a crossroads. It was facing increased competition and pushing hard to meet some aggressive sales targets. But its traditional lead-generation activities were showing declining returns. Sensing it was time for a reset, the Avalara team tapped Modern Craft to help them diagnose the challenge, explore customer-centric solutions and, ultimately, create a strong foundation for growth and increased market share.


Our Approach

In close partnership with the Director of Marketing Technology and the Director of Digital Advertising, our team set about unearthing the root cause of the challenge. An in-depth review of existing data and research kicked the process off. But the most powerful insights emerged from the close working relationships we developed with internal stakeholders. The biggest “a-hah” moment came during a customer-mapping workshop when the client team realized they had been letting their internal conception of the product get in the way of their ability to reach potential customers.

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Key Activities

  • Marketing Performance Analysis
  • Recommendations Development
  • Customer Journey Workshop
  • Content Strategy
  • Wireframes
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Performance Marketing Framework
  • User Experience Strategy


Our work challenged some notions that were embedded deeply in the company culture and mapped out a clear way forward—shifting the mindset from company-centric to customer-centric. The resulting strategy was anchored by three clear pillars. First, all content should be designed to meet customer needs and drive customer action. Second, efforts to improve conversion should focus on boosting targeting precision instead of traffic volume. And third: all marketing activities should be grounded in a clear view of the path-to-purchase.


“Modern Craft really understands our business, they are responsive partners who deliver excellent work, and they have managed to have a significant impact on how we think about reaching our prospective customers. They are incredibly transparent about when they bring in outside expert help but we always know we have their brilliant strategic minds laser-focused on helping us move the needle.”
David Kopetzky, Director Marketing Web Technology

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