Marketing Technology

Unbiased advice on how to optimize technology to power marketing and customer experience.


Technology commands a growing share of marketing budgets. It’s also a core area of responsibility for modern marketing teams—one that can bring many challenges. For example:

  1. Trying to translate your vision, strategy and operational model into a detailed set of technology requirements
  2. Getting past all the hype and promises to understand exactly what a potential solution does—and how well it matches your unique needs
  3. Assessing the operational impact of a potential new solution—how much of your current processes and workflows would need to change
  4. Cleaning up the mixed bag of software you already have so it’s more integrated, useful and impactful
  5. Paying for more than one tool that does the same thing
  6. Getting some informed, common-sense advice on marketing technology that isn’t a sales pitch

Our approach

Marketing technology should enable you to achieve your goals. Your tech needs to work for real people, doing real work, every day. The advice we provide will be grounded in a deep understanding of your strategy and your operational reality. The path forward that we recommend will be specific, realistic and actionable. It will consider technical risk, business risk, complexity. And it’ll be be grounded in a realistic picture of the cost of change, setup and support.

How we’ll move you forward

The marketing technology landscape is complex and rapidly changing. We’ll help you cut through that complexity, keep pace with change and, ultimately, turn your tech investments into real impact.

"Modern Craft have been instrumental in helping us guide the roadmap. They work as an extension of our team and are a valuable partner for steering key components of the program including our internal team, vendors, and technology platform."
Kurt Pregler
Chief Information Officer

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