What Is a Brand Strategy Refresh—and Do You Need One?

Unlike most things in marketing, a brand strategy is built for the long haul. 

Yet nothing lasts forever. And sometimes, circumstances demand an update to your strategy.

Why you may need to do a brand strategy refresh 

How can you be sure that your brand strategy needs work? There are a few different scenarios that could signal the need for a refresh.

Maybe your current brand strategy is underdeveloped. Not much more than a few slides tacked onto brand guidelines for designers.

Or maybe your strategy is underused. People don’t think about it, understand it or do anything with it.

It could also be that your strategy is no longer aligned with your organization. You’ve pivoted your business strategy, launched new products or changed in other ways that aren’t reflected in your brand positioning.

Why it’s valuable to do a brand strategy refresh

If your current brand strategy checks any of these boxes, you could already be experiencing dissonance.

Your stakeholders—customers, employees, investors and partners—might be confused about what you offer. What you stand for. What makes you distinct. And where you’re headed in terms of vision, strategy and growth. 

Clarity in these areas can benefit your organization in a lot of ways. Spotlighting what makes your brand unique. Creating alignment. Becoming the preferred choice when compared to competitors. And inspiring and motivating your stakeholders. 

How to approach a brand strategy refresh 

The process of doing a brand refresh is similar to developing a brand strategy. Except you’re not starting from scratch. You’re considering what’s already there.

Get started by gathering your team and ask questions like how is the brand being used? Where are the gaps? What’s working and not working? Which pieces are still relevant and useful? What’s missing?

Be careful not to overdo it. Changing something that’s true to your brand and deeply resonates with your audiences can backfire. 

The outputs of a brand strategy refresh

What comes out of a brand strategy refresh will depend on your organization’s needs. 

You might end up simply tweaking one or two elements of the strategy. Or creating ones that do not exist. These could include the story. Promise. Voice. Personality. Or beliefs. Another thing you might need is a plan to roll out the new brand.

Whichever outputs are needed, think about change management before you begin the work. This will be key to aligning teams, getting buy-in and activating the brand refresh.

The value of getting help from a trusted partner 

Bringing in a brand development expert can guide you in the right direction. And support you throughout the journey. 

A fresh view on things can also help to bring a newfound clarity to your organization. By uncovering new insights that shift perspectives outside the usual internal view. And by simplifying your story—making it more clear and easy to grasp.

If you’re ready for the next step, we can help. With decades of experience in brand development, our team can design and execute an approach that’s right for your organization. 

To learn more, get in touch today for a free, 30-minute consultation. No strings attached, we promise.


May 23, 2023

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