Brand Strategy

Refresh or redefine the essence what makes you unique. Create a stronger foundation for differentiation, alignment and impact.


A vague or unclear brand strategy can dampen marketing impact in many ways. For example:

  1. Lack of clear difference from competitors is forcing you to compete on price
  2. It’s hard to connect with customers on an emotional level
  3. Your customers don’t have a sense of what you’re all about and why they should care

  4. Your team don’t understand how to apply the existing brand strategy

  5. Lack of clear, central positioning leads to inconsistencies in messaging and brand expression

  6. It’s hard to make decisions in a nimble way without in absence of a shared frame of reference


Our approach

Brand definition is not about invention or creating something new out of thin air. It’s actually about discovering something that already exists—though it’s likely hard to see. Our approach is all about finding it together, using a process that is structured, systematic and collaborative. Once it’s found, we  codify it and make it useful—a springboard to deeper customer connections and ongoing growth.

How we’ll move you forward

We’ll make sure you have a strong, clear and usable brand strategy—a powerful source of focus, alignment, differentiation and growth.

“If you're looking to focus your efforts and strengthen your ecosystem, Modern Craft is an ideal partner.”
Scott Chambers

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