From startup to enterprise—the journey to marketing maturity

The Challenge

Hootsuite is the leading social media management platform, used by over 15 million people around the globe and trusted by more than 800 of the Fortune 1000. For years, their marketing department followed the standard startup playbook—nimble, action-oriented marketing focused on creating near-term demand. But as the company grew into a larger, more mature enterprise with bigger, bolder ambitions the time arrived to refine and expand the overall marketing model in order to fuel the next wave of growth.


Our Approach

Working closely with the Chief Marketing Officer, the Modern Craft team tackled a series of critical challenges across marketing strategy and operations—providing expert solutions from an unbiased, outside perspective. All of our work has involved extensive stakeholder interviews and deep immersion in the business. The resulting insights have provided us with a unique perspective into Hootsuite’s dynamic working practices and helped us define further opportunities for improvement.

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Key Activities

  • Brand purpose identification
  • Marketing campaign strategy
  • Creative briefing process & templates
  • Training & workshops
  • Marketing operations structure


Among the solutions we’ve provided to date are: A new brand purpose to simplify brand architecture and serve as a rallying cry for the next wave of growth. A new campaign planning model to better engage new growth audiences. A new creative briefing process and training of 100+ staff to improve marketing workflow. A roadmap laying out prioritized improvements to the marketing operations function. A new organizational structure that is being used as the template for departmental planning.


“Modern Craft continues to be a valued partner. You grow with us, retain & build knowledge that informs future projects, and help us achieve success while retaining your integrity & ethos.”
Jon Maltby, Sr. Creative Director

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