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We can help you strengthen foundations, sharpen direction and improve execution.

“Modern Craft have been instrumental in helping us guide the roadmap. They work as an extension of our team and are a valuable partner for steering key components of the program including our internal team, vendors, and technology platform.”

Kurt Pregler

Chief Information Officer

“They’re not afraid of hard work and they’re flexible. I appreciate their willingness to change and pivot if necessary. And their determination to push for more impact. They’ve really helped us bring the spirit of continuous improvement to everything we do.”

Gloria Loree


“Modern Craft is unique among partners and marketing strategy firms that we’ve encountered in their ability to quickly and deeply build an understanding of who we are as people, our vision for our organization, and the context in which we are operating. This approach along with a talented team committed to constantly pushing their own learning and practice that has been transformative for our brand and marketing strategy and for the organization overall.”

Eric Scroggins

Founder & CEO

“Modern Craft are the ultimate partner: they have developed an impressive fluency in how our organization functions and have shown real commitment to helping us achieve our mission. They are flexible, intuitive, and generous, and have made a real impact on moving us closer to being a digital first marketing organization.”

Whitney Petersmeyer

SVP, Marketing and Communications

“If you’re looking to focus your efforts and strengthen your ecosystem, Modern Craft is an ideal partner.”

Scott Chambers


“We loved working with you. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into getting to know us and our work. You’ve helped us create a clearer vision that fits who we are.”

Evan Rudall

Co-Founder and Partner

“From brand positioning to go-to-market planning and oversight on execution, Modern Craft helped us take a leap forward in marketing maturity very quickly at a critical time for our organization.”

Joel Rose


“For many years our business was good at strategic planning, but we needed work to bring our plans to life in a more effective way. Modern Craft helped us to set reasonable priorities each quarter to move our business plans forward. They helped us understand and plan for future needs so our technologies and resources evolved with us proactively. Modern Craft has impacted the alignment of our business departments so we are quicker to market and very effective and efficient in meeting our strategies.”

Angela Doro

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