Customer Experience Strategy

Deliver a consistently great experience to the customers that matter most.


The path to a better customer experience is often packed with hurdles. For example:

  1. There are so many possible improvements that you don’t know where to start
  2. No clear alignment on which customer groups are most important
  3. You don’t have a clear picture of what your customers really need
  4. You’re missing the technical expertise required to explore solutions thoroughly
  5. Misalignment on goals, roles and responsibilities across departmental silos
  6. It’s difficult to balance the desire to reduce friction with the need to create brand distinctness
  7. It’s hard to achieve buy-in for the overall vision
  8. Existing structure and capabilities aren’t set up to deliver the desired improvements  

Our approach

Our team combines expertise in customer insight gathering, strategic planning, technology and internal change management. Our approach is blend big picture vision with pragmatic details. We bring various stakeholders together around a shared agenda based on customer needs, then make positive change happen one step at a time.

How we’ll move you forward

We’ll help you define a clear CX roadmap that’s tied to real customer needs, mapped to business priorities and supported by a technology roadmap.

"Modern Craft are the ultimate partner: they have developed an impressive fluency in how our organization functions and have shown real commitment to helping us achieve our mission. They are flexible, intuitive, and generous, and have made a real impact on moving us closer to being a digital first marketing organization."
Whitney Petersmeyer
SVP, Marketing and Communications

Already thinking of a challenge that needs to be addressed? 

We’ve probably seen it already—and learned what it takes to solve it.