Go-To-Market Strategy

Launch your product or service with a clear, concise step-by-step plan.


Bringing your product to market without a well-defined plan creates many risks. For example: 

  1. Unclear target audience leads to inefficient, wasteful spending that lacks focus
  2. Having no clear goals makes prioritization and decision-making difficult
  3. Lack of a clear value proposition leads to messaging that falls flat
  4. Your product or service feels too similar to competitors and gets lost in an over-saturated market
  5. You end up choosing the wrong marketing channels and tactics 
  6. Conversion falls flat because the full marketing funnel hasn’t been carefully considered

Our approach

In close collaboration with you and your team, we’ll create a Go-To-Market Plan that includes goals, objectives, prioritized audiences, competitive analysis, a compelling value proposition and marketing roadmap.

How we’ll move you forward

We’ll reduce risk and set your product launch up to succeed. 

“Modern Craft really understands our business, they are responsive partners who deliver excellent work, and they have managed to have a significant impact on how we think about reaching our prospective customers. They are incredibly transparent about when they bring in outside expert help but we always know we have their brilliant strategic minds laser-focused on helping us move the needle. My only complaint is that I wish they worked for us full time!”
David Kopetzky
Director Marketing Web Technology

Already imagining what you could do with a fully realized marketing ops function?

We’re here to help.

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