Marketing Strategy

Refresh or reinvent you strategic foundation with help from a partner who understands how to translate vision into reality.


A finely tuned operational engine isn’t much use if you don’t know where you’re going. Or why you’re going there. If you’re trying to marry operational excellence with strategic clarity, you might be facing some of these challenges:

  1. Your team lacks a shared north star that is agreed upon and well understood
  2. Strategic plans are based too heavily on trends and best practices and not grounded in deep customer insights
  3. Your team tends to jump straight to a list of tactics without fully exploring the possibilities and honing the overarching strategy
  4. Strategy is too often being defined by external partners who use it to advance their sales agenda
  5. Your strategies are too high-level and lack details on how to bridge vision with execution and operational reality
  6. Strategic plans lack sufficient rigor and detail
  7. Strategies don’t clearly roll up to organizational goals and priorities

Our approach

Modern Craft was founded with a focus on strategy. As time went on, our work pulled us deeper inside the marketing organization and we shifted our primary focus to marketing operations. But we’ve maintained our strategy practice because we know that strategy and ops are two sides of the same coin. Each needs the other to succeed.

Our approach to strategy is informed by insights. We dig deep to find underlying goals and barriers. We take an unbiased approach in the options we explore and the recommendations we make.

We offer strategic consulting in these areas:

  • Marketing (holistic)
  • Brand
  • Content
  • Campaigns
  • Digital products
  • User experience

How we’ll move you forward

Our team will work closely with you to provide a clear strategic plan—a steering wheel to point your operational engine in the right direction.

“Modern Craft is unique among partners and marketing strategy firms that we've encountered in their ability to quickly and deeply build an understanding of who we are as people, our vision for our organization, and the context in which we are operating. This approach along with a talented team committed to constantly pushing their own learning and practice that has been transformative for our brand and marketing strategy and for the organization overall.”
Eric Scroggins
Founder & CEO