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Modern Craft helps marketing leaders optimize strategy, operations and technology. 

These leaders call on us during periods of of change. We call them “re” moments.


We help them work through these moments, one step at a time—dodging pitfalls, uncovering opportunities and emerging stronger and more resilient than ever. 

From our base in Vancouver, we’ve been doing this work for organizations across North America since 2014.

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Randy Siu

Randy is obsessed with serving our clients, keeping the business healthy and realizing our vision to make marketing better.
Randy’s background is in leading clients, honing operations and building teams. Before co-founding Modern Craft, he was a GM and Vice President for WPP-owned Blast Radius, where he spent a decade helping build the agency from a Vancouver-based start-up to a global firm. He has held leadership positions and grown teams in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Seattle, London and Amsterdam. In addition, Randy spent 4 years at Schematic in the years leading up to their acquisition by WPP and evolution into Possible.
His office nickname, “Biz Dad”, is indicative of his firm-yet-nurturing style—and also his dual focus on our business and his young family.

John Ounpuu

John is a strategist, writer and speaker with a deep interest in the challenges and opportunities facing marketers today.
Before co-founding Modern Craft in 2014, John was Vice President of Strategy for WPP-owned digital agency Blast Radius, where he spent a decade supporting change-makers at brands like Nike Golf, Nike Jordan, Microsoft and Starbucks. Prior to joining Blast Radius, John worked in software marketing and spent time in the tech startup world. Before that, he was a Juno-nominated musician and songwriter.
John is a frequent AdWeek contributor. His writing has also been published by Forbes, WARC and The Globe and Mail.

Nathan Paziuk

Nathan is a technologist with a knack for understanding what businesses and customers need from technology—and what they don’t. He’s been involved in web development and online tech since the late 90’s.

Before co-founding Modern Craft in 2014, Nathan was Vice President of Technology for WPP-owned digital agency Blast Radius, where he spent over a decade leading technical initiatives for brands like Nike, Microsoft, Marriott and Starbucks.
When he’s not typing at a keyboard, you can find him on the ultimate frisbee field running after a spinning plastic disc. Or on the soccer field in the icy rain, patiently coaching a group of drenched but energetic kids.

Peter Petralia

Peter is a born problem-solver, the ultra-efficient calm in many storms. His work at Modern Craft is focused on people and process.

Peter has a diverse background that includes project management, strategy and brand management. Prior to joining Modern Craft in 2017, he held leadership roles at Huge, Sullivan, Razorfish, PayPal, and Valtech where he established the structures to deliver complex global projects for clients like Credit Suisse, Novartis, State Farm, and Uniqlo. He’s also led major projects with American Express, Bayer, Balenciaga, Hyatt, HP, and McKinsey.

Peter’s PhD research and subsequent academic writing focused on the relationship between technology and experience. He’s also a Certified Scrum Master, playwright, theatre director, amateur boxer and dog-lover.

(We will achieve this)

Our Purpose

Bring more empathy and humanity to business—and therefore to society at large.

(By striving to make this happen)

Our Vision

Make marketing better, together.

(By doing this)

Our Mission

Helping marketing change-makers build momentum and take flight.

Our Values

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Above & Beyond

Quality matters. We’ve got high standards and it shows. Every project counts, no matter how small. Whatever problem we’re tackling, we go beyond the brief. Beyond the S.O.W. And beyond the obvious answers.

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In an industry full of posturing, puffery and hidden agendas, we strive to be sincere, impartial and unbiased. We value honesty and kindness. We show up every day as real people with real points-of-view—flaws and all.

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We believe in taking the time to pause and reflect. We care deeply about our clients—who they are and what they’re trying achieve. We tackle their problems from multiple angles—pulled deeper by empathy and curiosity.

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Our beliefs are idealistic. But as we work to put those beliefs into practice, we’re grounded in a clear-eyed assessment of what’s practically possible. We’re also nimble and flexible—untethered by rigid concepts or processes. Able to adapt on the fly and rise to challenge.

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