Destination Canada

Transforming a Travel Marketing Organization for the Connected Age

The Challenge

Massive technological shifts were causing widespread changes in traveller behaviour and creating new opportunities for tourism marketers. Destination Canada’s leadership saw the landscape shifting and defined a bold new vision in response. They turned to Modern Craft for help in realizing this vision. Working with senior leaders in the marketing, communications and research teams, we architected a multi-layered change initiative.


Our Approach

At the heart of the program were three major shifts. First, a shift in method—from pre-planned mass campaigns to always-on, data-driven content marketing. Second, a shift in outcome—from an emphasis on top-funnel brand health results to a broader set of goals that extend further down the path to purchase. And third, a shift in role for the organization—from representing Canada as a single brand to closer collaboration with partners across the country (cities, provinces, regions and more) to improve collective performance and reduce duplicated effort.

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Key Activities

  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Process design
  • Organizational design
  • Coaching
  • Vendor evaluation and analysis
  • UX strategy and design


These shifts are coming to life through multiple ongoing initiatives—big and small—that are rolling out with support from our team. Highlights to date include: rethinking traveller segmentation to take advantage of new data sources, leveraging new data and research to sharpen market strategies, improving the process for briefing and approving work to increase agility and improve collaboration and, finally, redesigning the consumer website to better focus on key user needs and better integrate with partners to reduce duplication of effort.

“Modern Craft are fundamentally a smart, current and strategic—three essential ingredients to a valued partner with our business. They provide invaluable expertise and perspective and they don't come to judgment on matters until fully appreciating the client’s needs.”
Jon Mamela

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