Keeping Pace with Modern Transit Customers.

The Challenge

Technological change and adoption is directly impacting customer expectations and brand perceptions in every walk of life. TransLink—the public transit authority for the Greater Vancouver—realized that a failure to keep pace with these changes could put their mission and mandate at risk. With this in mind, they engaged Modern Craft to set a new strategic direction and develop a prioritized digital roadmap grounded in customer needs.


Our Approach

Modern Craft embarked on a six-week discovery period designed to pull relevant insights from every corner of the organization—from Planning and Human Resources to Marketing and IT. Our efforts included over 60 stakeholder interviews, customer surveys, focus groups and more. We embedded ourselves as a close partner, gaining a deep understanding of the current state and its challenges. The goal was to identify the most pressing customer needs and the barriers the organization must overcome to meet them.

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Key Activities

  • Digital strategy & alignment
  • Customer research & analysis
  • Vendor evaluation & analysis
  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Business case development
  • Platform requirements gathering & analysis
  • Customer journey mapping
  • UX & design


Our recommended approach split the most critical work into smaller, iterative projects that could be funded and executed more easily. Each project included multiple work streams designed to meet priority customer needs while laddering up to the larger vision. The first of these projects—focused on delivering timely alerts message during transit disruptions—is currently in progress. Meanwhile, our work has expanded from a single project to continuing relationship focused on guiding TransLink towards becoming a truly customer-centric organization.


"Modern Craft have been instrumental in helping us guide the roadmap. They work as an extension of our team and are a valuable partner for steering key components of the program including our internal team, vendors, and technology platform."
Kurt Pregler
Chief Information Officer

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