Tap the power of prioritization

  • The workload is hard to manage.
  • Everything is a high priority.
  • It’s not clear how all this activity impacts our business.
  • It’s difficult to assess new opportunities.
If this sounds all-too-familiar, you’re not alone. The good news—there’s a better way.

This 27 page workbook is designed to help marketing leaders add structure and rigour to the way work gets prioritized. It contains frameworks, practical advice, and tools that any marketer can benefit from.

At Modern Craft we specialize in helping marketing leaders achieve strategic clarity and operational excellence.

Prioritization is the place where your strategy meets operational reality.


The Pareto Principle tells us that 20% of our efforts deliver 80% of the results. Steer your team towards the right 20%.


Focus “It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”

Employee Retention

Heavy workloads are driving marketers towards stress, burnout and resignation. Clear priorities make your team’s workload manageable and boost retention.

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Our Approach

Four ideas that ground our point-of-view on operational improvement.

Rooted in reality

Improving how teams work together has to be rooted in a deep understanding of how they are working together now. We create a safe environment that enables people to open up about what is and is not working in the day to day.

Values matter

How you operate should align to your values and your mission. We take the time to make sure we understand what makes you tick to build process, tools, and systems that support the things that make your organization unique.

Change, managed

Our approach is collaborative and iterative. We bring key stakeholders along the journey to maximize buy in. And we know the importance of telling the story of any change, both as it happens and once it is in flight.

Pragmatic, excellence

We are strong believers in the power of simplicity and know all-too-well how easy it can be to overcomplicate operational aspects of running a business. We leverage best-in-class frameworks and tools, but customize them for our clients. We put a premium on making sure the work we do is achievable.

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Use this workbook to help add structure and rigour to the way work gets prioritized.