How strong is your organization’s brand strategy?

A solid organizational brand strategy can improve differentiation, alignment and impact.
But a vague or unclear one can hold your organization back.

  • Your customers don’t have a sense of what you’re all about or why they should care
  • Lack of a shared frame of reference leads to misalignment or lack of focus internally
  • Lack of clear, central positioning leads to inconsistencies in messaging and brand expression
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At Modern Craft, we specialize in helping complex organizations with many stakeholders define a clear and powerful brand strategy that can propel the whole organization forward.

A strong brand strategy can help you up your game.


Stand out from your competitors. Show your best face to the world.


Get further, faster by pointing the whole organization in the same direction.

Emotional connection

Spark something deeper with the audiences that matter most.

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Our Approach

Four ideas define our point-of-view and approach.

Grounded in truth

Brand definition isn’t about invention or creating something out of thin air. It’s actually about discovery. Unearthing something powerful that already exists but isn’t yet visible. Identifying your true essence.

Bigger than marketing

Your organizational brand is a critical foundation for marketing, customer experience and recruiting talent. But its value does stop there. It sits alongside your mission and vision as part of your core business strategy.

Change, managed

Our approach is all about discovering your brand essence together, using a process that is structured, systematic and collaborative. We bring key stakeholders along on the journey to maximize buy-in. 

Easy to use

The best strategy is useless if it can’t be translated into operational reality. We deliver brand strategies that are designed to be useful and easy to apply.

Our Process
Each project (like each brand) is unique in its own way. But some basic stages are consistent.

Mapping The Landscape

Like any journey of discovery, this one starts with a map. This stage—always the longest in duration—is about making sure we understand:

  • Your organization Its history, culture, values, strengths and dreams for the future
  • The audiences you want to connect with Their wants, needs, beliefs and aspirations
  • The market you exist within The competitors, trends and dynamics that define it

Identifying Fertile Territories

Once we’ve defined our map, we narrow our search to the most likely locations. These are places where your organization, your audiences and market forces intersect or overlap in interesting ways. We start by identifying as many of these “territories” as possible. Then we work with you—through a series of collaborative workshops—to zero in on the strongest of them. The collaborative nature of this step helps ensure buy-in.

Expressing Your Essence

Once we’ve found the core idea, it’s all about distillation and expression. At this stage, every word matters. And once again, collaboration is key. We iterate with you until the essence of your brand is clear and concise and undeniably true. Then we package it up so it’s easy to use.

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Use this simple self-assessment to pinpoint and address emerging weak points.