Navigating Martech

The world of marketing technology offers a lot of power and possibility. It’s also extremely complex and kind of overwhelming. What can you do to navigate this vast and shifting landscape? Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect.

  • Back in 2011, Scott Brinker published an infographic that attempted to showcase all of the software currently available to marketers.
  • It featured the logos of more than 150 companies, which Brinker referred to at the time as an “awe-inspiring explosion” of options.
  • This past week, Brinker published the 2022 version, which contains nearly 10,000 logos. Now that’s an explosion.
  • 11 years on, the infographic’s annual launch has exploded as well. It’s now available as a high-res PDF.
  • It comes with a report on the state of the industry.
  • And there’s even an interactive version you can search and explore (free account required).
  • If anyone ever tries to tell you that marketing hasn’t gotten more complex in the past decade, this thing should shut them up quick.
  • Of course, you really don’t need to pay attention to the vast majority of these solutions. Your job is to find the signal in the noise.
  • A few basic tips for accomplishing this. First, start with a clear strategythen look for tech that helps you execute it.
  • Second, avoid futuristic tech and focus on the now.
  • Third, weed out waste. Far too much martech (as much as 40%, according to Gartner) goes unused.
  • Of course, these tips just scratch the surface. To go deeper, check out the 4Ps of Marketing Technology framework from the Martech Alliance.
  • We like the holistic viewpoint here. And the way strategy (why) and people (who) come before platform choices (what).
  • Like the ever-expanding infographic, the Martech Alliance have also expanded their framework into a fairly robust online training course.
  • We can’t vouch for it directly but it seems like a rational, systematic approach to charting a path through complexity.
  • It’s also much less anxiety-inducing than an infographic full of 10,000 tiny logos.
Issue #142
May 8, 2022

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