Human To Human

The marketing world is bifurcated into two camps: B2B and B2C. What can these two sides learn from each other? And how different are they, really? Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect.

Let’s start by acknowledging the stereotypes: B2C is fun, energetic and emotive. B2B is dry, serious and boring.

Like any stereotype there’s some truth here. But things are changing.

Some have argued that the rising importance of data and technology has drained B2C of some of its creative spark—bringing these worlds closer together in the process.

We love creative sparks and hate to see them diminished in any industry. But bringing these two worlds closer would seem to make good sense.

True, there are some inherent differences here: transaction size, sales cycle duration, dominant channels etc. But the marketing fundamentals apply equally on both sides of the divide.

In other words, the tactics may look different but the strategies look the same.

Ritson’s fundamental “three questions“, for example, are equally important to Nike and IBM.

Issue #135
Jan 30, 2022

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