We marketers are suckers for trend decks, forecasts and predictions. But right now the world feels more unpredictable than ever. How do we find our way forward in the face of this uncertainty? Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect.

  • Here at Modern Craft, we’ve fought against the persistent allure of big predictions before. But they keep coming.
  • Right now, a clear picture of what tomorrow holds feels especially enticing. But also especially impossible.
  • That doesn’t mean we’re powerless to find a path forward. If you’re embarking on strategic planning for next year, consider opting for scenario planning over traditional methods.
  • This four-step process for pushing through ambiguity and making good decisions is also worth a read. Especially the tips for working around our biases.
  • It turns out Abe Lincoln probably never said “the best way to predict the future is to create it”, but it’s still great advice. Things may be uncertain right now, but this is also a time of reinvention.
  • If reinvention sounds too daunting, Seth’s Godin’s advice is much simpler. Forget about the future and just do your best in the present.
Issue #103
Oct 4, 2020

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