Brand Makes A Comeback

New research shows that CMOs are more focused on brand strategy than they’ve been in years. What’s behind this sudden shift? Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect.

  • According to new research from Gartner, CMOs now see brand strategy as their most vital capability. In the same survey a year ago, it barely made the top 10.
  • What’s behind this big shift? Research shows that stronger brands recover faster than most. And recovery is definitely at the top of the agenda these days.
  • Also, many organizations are looking ways to use this moment of upheaval as an opportunity to gain some competitive advantage. Battles like this are fought at the brand level.
  • Finally, recent weeks have made it clear that brands can no longer get away with standing on the sidelines regarding major social issues. Which makes the question of “What do we stand for?” more urgent than ever.
  • The Facebook boycott, for example, reflects Gartner’s findings neatly. The brands involved are choosing to prioritize brand-building over more pragmatic considerations like near-term performance.
  • We see another trend here beneath the surface. There’s a general climate of self-examination and re-assessment of priorities these days. Our industry isn’t immune.
  • You can see it in this excellent piece from Tom Roach, exploring the ins and outs of brand purpose.
  • And this essay from Martin Weigel. Key quote: “Bullshit is dead. The bullshit pushers just got robbed at economic gunpoint and have been left standing with nothing left in their pockets but their Instagram accounts.” Don’t hold back, Martin!
  • What’s the opposite of bullshit? Weigel believes “We’re all going to have to get good at building resilience into brands and the businesses that sit behind them.” Sounds like a good plan to us.
Issue #100
Jul 12, 2020

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