Comic Timing

Humour is having a moment—in advertising and in the world at large. Despite (or because of) the darkness that surrounds us, we’re up for a laugh. How can you build on this in your work as a marketing leader? Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect.

Charlie Brooker, the creator of Black Mirror, thinks we’re all too depressed for more Black Mirror. He’s decided to focus on comedy instead.

Brooker might be onto something. Laughter is having a moment right now, for good reason: “We laugh to take back control and to connect—two things we have lost in our fight against the coronavirus.”

Laugher also brings a whole host of other benefits—in a crisis and always. It strengthens our immune systems, improves alertness, increases endorphin levels, lowers blood pressure and releases pent-up tension. It also takes the sting out of our fears.

Brooker isn’t alone in making the switch to comedy. Brands are making a similar transition in their advertising—abandoning the same-y seriousness of early crisis-themed spots …

… and opting to make us laugh instead.

There are other ways to tap the power of humour in the midst of this crisis. Start by giving yourself permission to look for humour in the current situation, no matter how dark it may seem.

Issue #93
May 10, 2020

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