A Backlash Is Brewing: Facebook Controversy Offers A Serious Warning For Canadian Businesses

It’s tempting to feel a little schadenfreude for Mark Zuckerberg.

After all, who doesn’t find a bit of secret joy in watching the powerful squirm. And Facebook Inc. has certainly grown very powerful, with 2.2 billion active users and a 20-per-cent share of the global advertising market (according to global media agency Zenith).

Lately, of course, Facebook’s power has been shaken by an avalanche of embarrassing revelations, negative press and government inquiries.

But before we take too much comfort from the fact that we’re not the ones squirming in the spotlight, there’s something we must recognize. This story contains an urgent warning for businesses everywhere – Canada included. A warning that all of us ignore at our peril: Treat customer data with respect or risk serious consequences.

Modern Craft Partner John
Apr 17, 2018

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