3 Best Practices For Building A Culture Of Purpose

On a recent panel at DigiPublish 2017, HarperCollins CMO Angela Tribelli said, “The thing that keeps me up at night is making sure we are investing enough in the marketers.”

Tribelli is smart to focus on her teams in an era where workers are less productive and more stressed, where the always-on, mobile internet has made it harder for teams to limit their working hours, where recruitment and retention activities are pressing and costly, and where more teams are distributed.

In the context of these disruptions to team dynamics and with increased pressure to deliver award-winning customer experiences, focusing on your people is the most important strategic investment a leader can make.

These three best practices for how to build and retain high-performance teams—without perks including free meals,

Modern Craft Partner Peter Petralia
Peter Petralia
Sep 19, 2017

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