4 Challenges For Canada’s Credit Unions As They Expand Nationally

Some of Canada’s biggest credit unions are planning nationwide expansion, with a heavy emphasis on digital and mobile. But in today’s fast-changing financial services market, what can they do to stand out from the pack?

For many Canadians, credit unions are looking more attractive than ever. They charge fewer fees and their lending rates are competitive. And then there’s the warm and fuzzy stuff. Compared to the big five banks, credit unions feel more tied to local communities and less driven by profit. To some, they’re a refreshing alternative to the big corporations currently making headlines for predatory upselling practices.

Now, some of Canada’s largest credit unions are making big plans for national expansion.

The door opened in 2012 when credit unions were granted a key regulatory change that allows them to expand beyond provincial borders and operate as national financial institutions.

Modern Craft Partner John
John Ounpuu
Jun 9, 2017

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