Workplace Anxiety Can Paralyze Your Team: Here’s What to Do

We live in times of accelerated change and rising complexity. Disruption is everywhere. Politics at home and abroad are in a state of upheaval. In nearly every aspect of modern life, certainty and predictability are elusive.

In short, these are anxious times. People everywhere are nervous and stressed out. And American’s are especially susceptible. A 2012 study by the World Health Organization famously concluded that America is the most anxious country in the world.

And few would argue that things have gotten better since 2012.

Your Team Is at Risk

No matter how dedicated and capable they are, your team is not immune. They can’t be. And whether you recognize it or not, their growing anxiety is impacting your business.

Modern Craft Partner John
John Ounpuu
Jan 9, 2017

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