How The Cult Of The Tech Entrepreneur Is Turning Marketing Upside Down

You’d think being the NBA MVP two years running would be enough. But apparently not. Steph Curry—arguably the most gifted shooter in NBA history—is also the co-owner of not one but two tech startups.

We live in the age of the entrepreneur. Once there was a time when everyone aspired to be a rock star, movie star or professional athlete. But these days, rock stars, movie stars and professional athletes aspire to be tech entrepreneurs. We all know the archetypal story. Brilliant opportunist peers around corners, sees a future no one else does, places a big risky bet on it and ends up changing the world. And, of course, becomes a billionaire in the process.

Marketers—who are trained to be hyper-aware of trends—know the story especially well.

Modern Craft Partner John
John Ounpuu
Sep 20, 2016

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