About Us

From our headquarters in Vancouver—a forward-thinking frontier city with a global mindset—we service clients across North America.

Modern Craft is a Vancouver-based consultancy focused on helping marketing and customer experience leaders navigate complexity and keep pace with changing customer expectations. We were founded in 2014 by three veteran digital agency leaders who saw a growing need for unbiased, expert advice on strategy, operations and technology.

Today, our co-founders are backed by a team of seasoned agency vets with decades of experience leading large marketing and customer experience initiatives and teams for global brands like Nike, Starbucks, P&G and Microsoft. Our work is driven by cross-disciplinary collaboration and close partnership with client leaders and teams.

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John Ounpuu


15-year agency vet. Starbucks, Nike, Microsoft, lululemon & New Era Caps. Planner of plans. Builder of brands. Dreamer of dreams.

Randy Siu


18-year agency vet. Microsoft, Bacardi, P&G, Disney & T-Mobile. 5 cities, 1 signature style: you can’t go wrong with a vest and pair of pointy shoes.

Nathan Paziuk


19-year agency vet. Nike, Marriott, Sony, Novartis & Nintendo. Racing towards the future in a cost-efficient electric car.

Peter Petralia


18-year agency vet. Teach For America, HP, Uniqlo, Credit Suisse. Ultra-efficient. Highly organized. The calm in many storms.

Our Vision

To navigate rising complexity and disruptive change, modern brands must operationalize the art and science of customer-centricity. Our goal is to be the best possible partner to help them achieve this.

The most collaborative

because modern leaders need partners not posturing.

The most courageous

because disruptive times demand
a little discomfort.

The least biased by business development imperatives

because ambitious leaders want the hard truth not a hard sell.

The least bound by traditional agency and consultancy models

because clients care about disruptive threats to their industry, not ours.

Our Values

We’ve structured our business to give our clients the highest possible return on their budget investment.


Collaborative & Brave

It’s about bringing together diverse perspectives, fostering true teamwork and finding the courage to push past our own discomfort in pursuit of the best possible solution.


Curious & Customer-Obsessed

Our curiosity pulls us deeper, beyond the obvious answers. Our customer obsession grounds us in what matters even as it opens our eyes to new possibilities.


Above & Beyond

It’s about choosing what’s right over what’s easy. Zooming out far enough to see the full picture, then pushing past the finish line to take it one step further.


Honest & Kind

Our business runs on truth, transparency, trust and mutual respect.

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