User Experience

Inventing or improving a digital user experience in order to meet customer needs and drive business results.


Becoming a digital-first, customer-focused organization is good for your bottom line. It’s what your customers expect and it requires more than a cosmetic refresh. Leaders looking to improve the user experience need a north star to rally around because: 

  1. The gap between what customers expect from your organization and what you’re structured to deliver is costing you business.
  2. It is never just a website. The process of building strategic digital experiences unearths historical baggage, political landmines and tendencies that act as barriers to delivering seamless digital products and services.
  3. Customers don’t experience each digital touchpoint in a vacuum, and aligning your ecosystem into a cohesive customer experience is a challenge.
  4. The shift from talking about your organization to truly orienting around the customer requires cross-functional strategic leadership to break down silos and re-orient towards collaboration.
  5. Misalignment between departments and teams can lead to conflicting executions of brand and messaging that inadvertently disrupt your customer journey.
  6. You’re drowning in user data, but still find it difficult to turn information into meaningful customer insights you can act on.
  7. “Agile” and “iterative” are words that sound good but seem out of reach for you and your team. 

Our approach

We take a systems-based approach to help you better understand who your customer are, what they expect from you and why you’re having a hard time delivering on those expectations. We work to discover opportunities for your technology and teams to break down internal barriers and forge new connections that serve your customers in meaningful ways. Our user experience design builds on the user experience strategy to deliver interface prototypes that model new ways of connecting with your customers.

How we can collaborate

We believe that cracks in the customer experience typically mirror internal issues. Our work is all about helping your digital ecosystem set expectations with your customers that your teams can deliver on successfully. We work with you to navigate the Venn diagram between organizational and customer needs—tying both to a guiding strategy that ladders up to your business objectives. We will help you connect the dots that enable your teams to deliver and maintain experiences that delight your customers.

“Modern Craft really understands our business, they are responsive partners who deliver excellent work, and they have managed to have a significant impact on how we think about reaching our prospective customers. They are incredibly transparent about when they bring in outside expert help but we always know we have their brilliant strategic minds laser-focused on helping us move the needle. My only complaint is that I wish they worked for us full time!”
David Kopetzky
Director Marketing Web Technology

We have helped some of the world’s most iconic brands improve their user experience. Whether it’s improving your customer’s experience, designing a new interface, or optimizing an old one, we can help.

We’d love to share our experience with you and see if we can help.

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