Outsourced Marketing Ops

Need to kick-start the marketing ops function fast? Hand the reins to us and get all the benefits of a full team with more flexibility.


You don’t have the ability to hire a fully capable marketing ops team, but you need skills in this area to address challenges like these: 

  1. Your team is stuck in functional silos and misaligned
  2. Effectiveness is is dwindling, or hard to determine
  3. Efficiency is poor—work is taking too long and costing too much
  4. Too much of the work going out the door falls short of your quality standards
  5. You’re struggling to show ROI on your marketing spend
  6. You’re trying to drive some major changes, but your vision is failing to translate into operational reality

Our approach

Outsource the marketing ops function for a minimum of three months. Pricing varies based on team size and complexity. Our definition of marketing operations includes the following:


  • Measurement and reporting
  • Data hygiene and analytics
  • Team/employee engagement


  • Technology operations and governance
  • Team structure


  • Campaign management
  • Education and certification
  • Supplier management
  • Resourcing and talent selection
  • Project management
  • Compliance (use of brand/materials)


  • Campaign / strategy planning
  • Annual and quarterly planning
  • Budget planning and execution

Change Management(Not Included In Our Outsourced Model)

  • Innovation
  • Rolling out new initiatives
  • Scaling
  • Executive level education/changes to the way marketing works with other teams
  • Interdepartmental dynamics/collaboration

How we’ll move you forward

Why wait to realize those all-important gains in efficiency and effectiveness? We’ll deliver all the benefits of a fully staffed marketing ops function with more flexibility.

“Modern Craft really understands our business, they are responsive partners who deliver excellent work, and they have managed to have a significant impact on how we think about reaching our prospective customers. They are incredibly transparent about when they bring in outside expert help but we always know we have their brilliant strategic minds laser-focused on helping us move the needle. My only complaint is that I wish they worked for us full time!”
David Kopetzky
Director Marketing Web Technology

Already imagining what you could do with a fully realized marketing ops function?

We’re here to help.

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