Organization & Process Design

Organizational structure and process design delivered by a team who understand how great work gets done.


Many marketing organizations are setup to meet the challenges of the 20th Century and are falling behind as the marketing landscape shifts.

  1. The way people work has fundamentally shifted as the marketing ecosystem has become more complex.
  2. The increase in new channels and tactics has made it hard for any one person to be an expert at all aspects of marketing.
  3. Embedding data into decision-making requires a different workflow for the creation, management, and measurement of creative work.
  4. Agencies have fallen behind in their ability to partner without bias, increasing the need for internal teams to take a bigger role.
  5. Shifting customer expectations have created a need for adaptable team structures and processes that can pivot to meet changing needs.
  6. Working at the speed of digital requires greater autonomy for teams.
  7. Old paradigms to assess staff skills make less sense in a rapidly evolving media landscape.
  8. Competition for talent has become a full contact sport and the businesses that win have cultures of purpose.  

Our approach

We work with marketing leaders to identify and eliminate the internal barriers to delivering excellent work. We start by reviewing the current state, observing as many interactions as possible, and working with individuals and small groups in targeted sessions. We combine the findings of our discovery with examples of best practices to present mulitple options for how to solve the challenges we’ve identified. We never start with a pre-defined outcome in mind. Instead we build a bespoke solution tailored to your needs.

How we can collaborate

People and process challenges can be incredibly thorny. We take an empathatic approach to our work with teams, looking past the obvious to seek for the root cause of the problem so that we can recommend a solution that will have a lasting impact. We prefer to follow the work through implementation of any new structures or process so we can adapt and refine our recommendations as they come to life.

"Modern Craft are the ultimate partner: they have developed an impressive fluency in how our organization functions and have shown real commitment to helping us achieve our mission. They are flexible, intuitive, and generous, and have made a real impact on moving us closer to being a digital first marketing organization."
Stacey Jaffe
Executive Director, Digital Services

We help organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity adapt and update their structures and processes. Curious about how we could help your organization? 

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