Marketing Technology Architecture

Technology decisions can be difficult. We’ll help you make those decisions and architect integrated solutions.


Marketing and IT face a complicated future together where both skillsets are required to make good decisions:

  1. Marketing technology options have ballooned. What do we need, what do we ignore?
  2. We know we need a solution. How do we ask for it? We write English and Techy and can help author requests that will result in meaningful responses and quotes.
  3. What’s the right solution? The flashy presentation, or the awkward technical option? We can help you get to the bottom of the offerings and make good decisions.
  4. Why don’t our systems talk? Technical integration between software can be challenging but we know a few secrets that can help make it happen.
  5. Our software is a rats nest of stuff, it’s chaos!! Over time, it’s natural for software systems to tend towards ‘a giant mess’. We can step in, help everyone understand the current systems in the system, how they interact, and identify where changes can be made to clean it all up.
  6. I feel like my vendor is taking me for a ride. Sometimes they’re working hard on your behalf, sometimes something funny is going on. We’re good at smelling BS. Let us take a look! 

Our approach

We assess your environment and provide advice in a clear, actionable path forward considering technical risk, business risk, and complexity. We can provide clear pictures of your existing ecosystem that highlight areas that need attention. We help you choose the platforms and vendors that will work for you and your organization considering installation, support, and operational needs. All the while, we aim to understand your organizations structure and how to move forward with technology decisions that are right across teams.


“Modern Craft are fundamentally a smart, current and strategic—three essential ingredients to a valued partner with our business. They provide invaluable expertise and perspective and they don't come to judgment on matters until fully appreciating the client’s needs. Their insight has saved us time and money and we never hesitate to pull them into important decisions regarding our business.”
Trent Anderson

Are you wanting more from your marketing technology? Or are you struggling to connect the dots and get maximum value and insights?

We’d love to share our experience with you and see if we can help.

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