Marketing Ops Consulting

Project-based work to address a specific challenge related to marketing operations.


The marketing operations function has many moving pieces. Are you bumping up against a specific issue that needs to be addressed? For example:

  1. You need to rethink the way you do resource management
  2. You’re thinking about moving to an agile marketing model, but haven’t figured out what this means in practice
  3. You need to build a better reporting dashboard tailored specifically for your organization
  4. Your annual planning process is too long and complicated
  5. You’re struggling to connect research and data to campaign planning
  6. New technology is clashing with existing processes and habits
  7. You can’t tell if your marketing efforts are having the impact they need to
  8. You need to translate your new strategy into a new operational model  

Our approach

Whatever your challenge is, we’ll hand-pick a team of consultants with skills that match your needs. They’ll tailor their working methods to your organizational norms as they work with you to define a clear, actionable path forward. The budget and scope will emerge from the specifics of the challenge you’re facing.

How we’ll move you forward

We start every project by defining specific success measures. Then we make sure we meet them together, with an eye on the bigger picture vision. This ensures we’re working working towards results that count.

"Modern Craft are the ultimate partner: they have developed an impressive fluency in how our organization functions and have shown real commitment to helping us achieve our mission. They are flexible, intuitive, and generous, and have made a real impact on moving us closer to being a digital first marketing organization."
Whitney Petersmeyer
SVP, Marketing and Communications

Already thinking of a challenge that needs to be addressed? 

We’ve probably seen it already—and learned what it takes to solve it.