Marketing Ops Capacity Boost

Inject new energy and capacity into your existing marketing operations function by embedding our team with yours.


Are your efforts to expand and improve the marketing ops function bumping up against barriers that can’t immediately be overcome? For example:

  1. You need extra capacity to push through an upcoming push or major initiative
  2. Critical skills and capabilities are missing from the team, but the recruiting process takes too long, or headcount is limited
  3. You urgently need specific expertise on the team, but only for a limited time

  4. Your team could use a shot of fresh energy and perspective

  5. You have a team of capable doers who need to take a more strategic approach

  6. You want your team to learn new skills and habits by working alongside outside experts


Our approach

We’ll start with two weeks of rapid discovery to get the lay of the land. This will include interviews with key players and a review of related documents (team charters, process documentation, work examples etc.). Then we’ll handpick a team that matches your needs and define a billing approach that works for you (hourly or weekly). Regular check-ins will ensure our team is focused and on track.

How we can collaborate

Our team will bring the skills you need to tackle your most pressing marketing ops challenges. They’ll also bring a strategic mindset to whatever they’re doing—not simply getting the work done, but also elevating the work to be more impactful.

“If you're looking to focus your efforts and strengthen your ecosystem, Modern Craft is an ideal partner.”
Scott Chambers

Ready to do more—and do it better?

Allow us to doctor up a painless shot in the arm for your marketing operations.

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