Digital & Marketing Strategy

Customer-centric digital & marketing strategy to achieve breakthrough results.


Marketing leaders face many questions and challenges as they attempt modern, customer-centric strategies:

  1. Increased pace of change means modern strategies must be adaptive and flexible, not set in stone.
  2. Customer-centricty is difficult to truly operationalize across the full marketing department.
  3. There are more options than ever before across channels, tactics, and tech. A strong strategy is vital to keep teams focused and on track.

  4. New tactics and technologies emerge frequently amid much hype. It’s difficult to keep pace and determine which new methods are worth investing in.

  5. New digital capabilities have been added in an ad hoc manner without considering the big-picture strategy and the full customer experience.

  6. Many vendors use strategy consulting to rationalize specific products or services that they sell, creating biases that favor their agenda over the needs of your business and your customers.

  7. Fast pace of modern business can yield reactive marketing or a disproportionate focus on short-term results, leaving lasting breakthroughs out of reach.

  8. It’s difficult to rally a large, diverse team of specialists around a clear, big-picture vision and plan.


Our approach

We offer digital and marketing strategy advice that identifies a clear, focused and actionable path forward to achieve business objectives and keep pace with customers. We’re immune to hype and our advice is always agnostic and unbiased by business development imperatives. We have deep expertise in digital marketing channels and practices—often identifying ways to unite and streamline the full ecosystem for greater effectiveness and closer connection with customers.

How we can collaborate

Rather than looking solely at marketing outputs, we take a holistic view of the many elements that must line up to achieve results—identifying the hidden barriers and underlying challenges holding you back. We work closely with our clients to provide pragmatic, level-headed, actionable roadmaps and guiding principles that teams can rally behind.

“If you're looking to focus your efforts and strengthen your ecosystem, Modern Craft is an ideal partner.”
Scott Chambers, SVP
Sesame Workshop

Is your organization grappling with a complex digital transformation iniative? Or are you still unsure where to start?

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