Adaptation & Transformation

Unbiased expert advice to help you meet rising pressures to change.


Marketing leaders are under pressure to make big changes and modernize on multiple levels. This pressure brings significant challenges:

  1. Transformation is the dominant label for this work, but the word is problematic. It implies a big expensive initiative with a clear end date, when the real goal should be to continually and purposefully adapt as the environment changes. 
  2. The term “transformation” also implies dramatic, holistic change. But the right path is probably incremental and driven by strategic opportunities vs. generalized best practices.
  3. The canvas for change is very broad, spanning technology, business models, strategy and operations. This makes it difficult to formulate and execute a practical, realistic plan across multiple teams and silos.

  4. In particular, some leaders struggle to know where to start. The truth is, where you start matters less than the fact that you’ve started.

  5. Shiny new technology can pull your attention away from what matters most: keeping pace with your customers.

  6. Many vendors that offer help with transformation initiatives do so hoping to sell further products or services down the road, which creates biases that can pull your agenda off course.


Our approach

We offer unbiased expert advice to help leaders navigate these challenges and successfully make positive change happen. Our expertise spans technology, operations, marketing and business strategy and our work focuses on integrating these domains when planning for change.

How we can collaborate

We work closely with our clients to keep change initiatives focused and on track. We are problem-solvers, sounding boards, bullshit detectors, connectors-of-dots and customer advocates. Above all, we are partners—your success and ours are one and the same

“Modern Craft are fundamentally a smart, current and strategic—three essential ingredients to a valued partner with our business. They provide invaluable expertise and perspective and they don't come to judgment on matters until fully appreciating the client’s needs.”
Jon Mamela, CMO
Destination Canada

Is your organization grappling with a complex digital transformation iniative? Or are you still unsure where to start?

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