The Signal Center

A New Era of Digital Healthcare 

The Challenge

 Today, the US healthcare sector faces an all-too-familiar challenge—consumers are demanding transparency, convenience, and value. At the same time, competition within the industry is increasing and government legislation is slow to meet customer needs. With this backdrop, The University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics reached out to Modern Craft to help launch a new venture built to improve healthcare by taking advantage of new digital technology.


Our Approach

Modern Craft started by working with executives and stakeholders across the organization to understand the opportunity and the challenges that had to be overcome before the vision could come to fruition. We also spent time exploring  and understanding the uniqueness of Iowa and its people—cultural currents that deeply inform the organization and its vision. Eventually, we were asked to lead series of initiatives that included an extensive discovery phase and concluded with pragmatic, concrete plans for bringing elements of their bold vision to life.

Key Activities

  • Digital Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Platform Requirements Gathering & Analysis
  • Vendor Evaluation & Analysis
  • Strategic Roadmap Development
  • UX & Design


Over the course of multiple projects, we helped shape the vision for the new venture across multiple dimensions. In fact, we even gave it its name—The Signal Center for Health Innovation. The scope of our work eventually spanned brand strategy, marketing strategy, user experiences strategy, digital product strategy and more. Each project—however diverse the challenge—was grounded in close collaboration, a commitment to problem-solving and a focus on real customer needs.


"Modern Craft are more than a vendor. They’re a true partner with a valuable set of skills that sit at the intersection of marketing, technology and business. They helped us sharpen our vision and then they helped us solve many of the problems—big and small—that got in the way of its realization.”
Pam Villacorta

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