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Senior Consultant: People, Process and Operations

You’re a seasoned pro with at least 7 years of working experience in a program management, operations, or marketing strategy role working with leading brands. Maybe agency-side. Maybe consultancy-side. Maybe client-side. Maybe a mixture.

If you come from the agency world, you’ve been focused mainly on setting teams up for success. You’ve worked with clients outside the Vancouver market. You’ve had titles that might have included the words “strategist” or “program manager” or “director of marketing operations”. You are not a typical project manager who is focused only on scope, timeline, and budget: instead you care most about delivering amazing work that meets the needs of the business (and customers). You’ve worked across various channels and you aren’t too married to any mode of execution, although you may have deep expertise in one or more specialist areas (product, research, brand, digital, campaign). Before jumping into action, you think deeply about the big picture: the audience, the brand, the needs of the business; the wider customer experience. You’re also great at building relationships with senior clients and earning their trust.

If you come from the consultancy-side, you’ve been working with clients on change initiatives, helping them work more digital, nimble, and strategic. You’ve identified opportunities and put business cases together for new ventures and strategies. You’ve been involved in identifying tech platforms, team process, and structures that can help clients work in a more effective way. You’re thorough in your approach but have the ability to synthesize your insights into a strong story. You’re well-seasoned in the art of facilitation and are great at positioning yourself as a trusted advisor to the C-Suite. You can design and lead a killer workshop that is focused on practice but grounded in theory and expertise.

If you come from the client-side, you’ve got a reputation as process guru. You’ve resisted dogmatic approaches to project management (like PMP) and opted instead to spend time understanding how work is made, how teams are structured to succeed, and what joy looks like in the work place. You serve as “the glue”—rallying diverse specialists in service of larger problem. At this point in your career, you’re managing a team—but you are not too disconnected from the work itself. You’re naturally customer-centric and you’ve got an uncanny knack for gaining permission from your higher-ups to shake things up and try new things.

Whatever your background, you’re a big believer in starting with customer needs and insights and going from there. You’re up to speed on modern digital practices and tools—including working approaches, web platforms, and digital services. You are resistant to hype and bright shiny objects. Your favourite question is: “why?”.

Your mindset is agnostic and open-minded, strategic and thoughtful. You’ve got a knack for working your way through thorny problems and making complex things simple.

Your skill set includes:

• Researching: Extracting the right information from the right sources with the right methods.
• Thinking insightfully: Digesting multiple inputs, recognizing patterns, and zeroing in on valuable insights
• Meeting client needs: Understanding them and responding to them
• Communicating: Speaking and writing persuasively, with great clarity, and precision
• Presenting: Standing up and delivering work to a room full of people with confidence and aplomb
• Creating deliverables: Authoring high-quality documents in various formats
• Executing: Affecting the changes you recommend, bridging theory with practice
• Learning: Uncovering new knowledge and using to solve problems and do better work
• Managing account health: Proactively growing and maintaining long term accounts
• Project management: Planning, organizing, and delivering your work with minimal risk

About the Role

As a Senior Strategy Consultant, you’ll work behind scenes in close partnership with client leaders and teams—a step removed from the usual agency domain of ideas and execution. You’ll focus instead on deeper questions, helping leaders and teams build new capabilities and creating an environment where great work can happen. You’ll work with a diverse mix of clients solving a wide range of interesting problems, big and small. Problems like:

• “I need to shift my marketing strategy to match a shift in business strategy.”
• “I need make sure my content is relevant to my audience and cuts through the noise.”
• “I need to fix the way we use briefs.”
• “We need to strike a better balance between performance and brand marketing.”
• “We need to bridge internal silos to reduce friction and improve quality.”
• “We need to better align multiple agencies and vendors.”
• “We need to get more value out of this new technology we purchased.”
• “We need to turning customer-centricity from a platitude to practice.”
• “We need to adopt agile methods to create more continuous improvements.”
• “We need to determine how we should be organized internally to meet changing business needs.”

You’ll be challenged and pushed beyond your comfort zone routinely. You’ll collaborate frequently with other T-shaped and seasoned pros, but as a project lead, you’ll own the solution and have the organization skills to drive the project and team to success.

What we’ll provide in return:
• Competitive salary
• Healthcare benefits
• Vacation
• Annual training grant
• No one cares if you need to leave the office early once in a while
• You’ll sit in a nice Herman Miller chair in an office surrounded by good people
• An opportunity to help a small, but impactful business grow to another level

Modern Craft supports diversity and inclusion. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, age, sexual orientation, gender identification, marital status or any other characteristic protected by law.

Vancouver, BC

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